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By ComedorFeb 11, 2, 10 0. Level 3. Joined: Jan 28, Messages: Country:. Anyone here willing to share a save data, either for US or EU, it doesn't matter. Months ago, I posted and bumped the same request on other web sites but to no success.

Shinitai Advanced Member. Level 2. Joined: Dec 17, Messages: 86 Country:.

Savemyexams co uk aqa

EU, btw. Level 1. Joined: Oct 28, Messages: 33 Country:. Here's my own save backup, used svdt, from a legit copy.


It's complete, only missing the DLC case. Comedor likes this. Joined: Dec 17, Messages: 51 Country:. Level 7. Joined: Aug 19, Messages: Country:.

ace attorney citra

The OP is allowed to do whatever they want with their game's saves. This is not not the OP's original game save it's by somebody else, besides whats the point of cheating the game that you paid money for? The fact of whether or not OP paid for the game is irrelevant to this case.

This is a matter of cheating. The point being that if you cannot pass a specific area, you may want to simply skip it. This is perfectly legal. A game is designed to be difficult on purpose, the challenge keeps the the game purchaser occupied. Cheating defeats the whole concept of the games design and if cheating was acceptable then it would be an option within the game. Placing a previous saved game from another user is cheating not just the game but themselves not to mention their pockets through the monetary value the OP supposedly paid for the game.By xz11May 22, 1, 1, Page 1 of OP xz11 Member.

Level 3. Joined: Feb 18, Messages: 41 Country:. Not quite. We will change puns and jokes so that they make sense in English, and there are only a few ancestors of familiar characters which will not be changed for the sake of keeping the original story intact. Continuing the "Americanizing" that Capcom have done for the rest of the Ace Attorney games is fairly impossible for this game.

Also: many names in this game are references, like characters in Sherlock Holmes novels, changing them would mean losing those. To be clear: none of the main series characters you know and love appear in this game. The game wouldn't be any different if it wouldn't have been released under the Ace Attorney brand. It's a spin-off. Will there be an English dub?

Not right away. We are considering to make an optional as in: you can chose if you want it or not English dub, but at a later date. No need to ask if we need voice actors, though. Members have first dibs and if we need VAs from outside, we will announce it in advance.

Will the game work with an Emulator like Citra? Apparently it does, but not very well and we don't support this use-case - you're on your own. If you own neither a 3DS nor an Android device, we recommend emulating Android on your PC instead, as this leads to much better results.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies is the fifth installment in the main Ace Attorney series, focusing on the staff of the Wright Anything Agency as they take on a series of cases in the 'dark age of the law,' where corruption, false charges, and falsification of evidence are rampant in the legal system.

Dual Destinies features the return of series protagonist Phoenix Wright as a practicing lawyer and playable character, having regained his attorney's badge after the events of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

Apollo Justice also returns in this installment as a playable character. The men are joined at the agency by Athena Cykes, a rookie lawyer with a personal connection to a few of the cases in the game. Most of the link reports are working. Please watch the video tutorial before reporting. Rom Here. Download Rom. Password :. Broken Link?

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Read Before Reporting. Apollo Justice - Ace Attorney.

ace attorney citra

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy plus. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney. Etrian Odyssey V - Beyond the Myth. Animal Crossing - Happy Home Designer.Unlike previous main series games, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice takes place in two different settings. However, the country is on the tipping point of revolution instigated by the rebel Dhurke Sahdmadhi and his Defiant Dragons group.

Meanwhile, in Los AngelesApollo Justice and Athena Cykes remain to look after the Wright Anything Agencyonly to face a crisis that not only affects one of its membersbut the fate of the entire Agency. To make matters worse, Justice must also face a figure from his past at the prosecutor's bench. Six full-length episodes are available in all versions of the game. The base 3DS version comes with the first five episodes, with the last episode and two short non-canonical "what-if" scenarios available as DLC.

The base iOS version comes with the first episode with the rest as DLC, while the Android version comes with all six episodes at once. The following are two 3DS-exclusive downloadable short scenarios that serve as non-canonical "what-ifs":. The Foreign Turnabout :. The Magical Turnabout :.

The Rite of Turnabout :. Turnabout Storyteller :. Turnabout Revolution :. Turnabout Time Traveler :. The following characters only appear in person in the non-canonical Ace Attorney Theater short Apollo Justice: Asinine Attorneyalthough they are referenced in the main game as well. For the most part, the normal trial and investigation procedures are retained from previous main series Ace Attorney games, particularly Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.

In these rituals, Rayfa Padma Khura'in uses a "Pool of Souls" on the floor of the High Court of Khura'in to show what a victim saw and felt during their final moments. Rayfa interprets these visions as "Insights", a series of claims about the incident. Phoenix Wright's job is to find contradictions between the Insights and what is actually shown in the visions, which can lead to corrections to the Insights or visions, with the latter being explained as Rayfa focusing more carefully on specific aspects in order to reveal more accurate information.

The 3D evidence viewer also makes a return from previous games, and used to examine specific objects from all angles during the course of the game. In some instances, this functionality is combined with the fingerprinting mini-game from the Nintendo DS era of games. When using fingerprinting powder, the player can rotate, zoom in, and zoom out on an object to pick out a specific area to dust. There is also a limit to how much fingerprinting powder can be applied at a time, though the powder can be blown off to be reused.

Luminol testing also makes a reappearance from previous games, being used to spray some locations for traces of blood in a similar manner to its use in Rise from the Ashes. Due to feedback that Dual Destinies gave too many hints to the player, the developers aimed to have fewer direct clues in Spirit of Justice.

The anime cutscenes are produced by A-1 Pictures the animation studio that produced the anime adaptationrather than Bones. Spirit of Justice also contains new features not seen in any previous initial release of a main series game.Page 1 of 6. Mar 30, at AM.

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Level Joined: Oct 21, Messages: 1, Country:. Oh, wow! Good job, guys! Your work and effort is very much appreciated. MartyDreamySouliouseryCoolsonickirby and 2 others like this.

MahoganyRaichu Member. Level 2. Joined: May 1, Messages: 15 Country:. I can't believe that I am seeing this. I always wanted to play this game and now I and other fans have this opportunity. I am extremely grateful for everything you've done. Loss of words, amazing job! Level 8.

ace attorney citra

Joined: Oct 11, Messages: 2, Country:. WiiUBricker News Police. Joined: Sep 19, Messages: 7, Country:. Fates-Blade likes this. Arras GBAtemp Guru. Joined: Sep 14, Messages: 6, Country:. Congratulations on the completed translation and thank you to the team for their hard work!

It may take a bit of time before I have the time to play through it, but I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully Capcom announces AA7 soon, but this is an excellent way to pass the time until then.

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Garro and Uwabami like this. Redhorse GBAtemp Fan. Level 4.It follows Phoenix Wright 's first case after regaining his attorney's badgewith the most unusual of clients, an orca named Orla accused of killing her owner, Jack Shipley. The price was halved in Japan until September Rather than being accessed from the episode menu, the download of Turnabout Reclaimed opens up a "Special Episode" option in the main menu, from which the usual scene selection options for the episode appear.

However, Turnabout Countdown must be cleared before Turnabout Reclaimed can be accessed. Phoenix Wright entered the Wright Anything Agencyhaving just gotten his badge back. Suddenly, a news bulletin came up and said that the owner, Jack Shipleyhad been killed. This occurred just as Sasha Bucklerone of the aquarium's employees, entered the agency to ask for Wright's help.

Her friend had been named as the one responsible for the murder. Every other lawyer she contacted had turned her down, so Wright agreed to take the case. Wright, Cykes and Buckler headed to Shipshape Aquarium, while Justice stayed behind to take care of Trucy Wright and watch for other potential clients.

In the Aqua Tunnel, Cykes tried to greet a penguin. However, the penguin ignored her and walked away, dropping a flyer for the "Swashbuckler Spectacular". They then arrived at the orca pool entrance on the second floor, where Wright finally met Buckler's friend, an orca named "Ora Shipley", though she seemed to respond only to "Orla".

Buckler said that Jack had gone to the orca pool to feed Orla. However, at about a. The detective in charge of the investigation, Bobby Fulbrightfurther explained that the victim had been the only human on the second floor near the orca pool, and that no weapons of any kind had been found.

Citra 3DS Emulator For PC! Simple Setup Guide!

A photo of the body showed coins scattered around the victim. The police's working theory was that Orla had pulled Jack into the pool and rammed him to death. Wright obtained a diagram of the orca pool and the surrounding areas on the first and second floors.

No autopsy had been ordered because the death had been ruled accidental. Normally, the owner would be held responsible, but since the victim was the owner, there was no case for a proper investigation, and so the orca would have to be put down. Wright decided that he had to step in and represent Orla in court.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice

He said that he would investigate the scene for evidence of foul play by a human, and then the matter could be taken to court. Fulbright agreed to this request and left to inform the prosecutor's office of this development. Wright started his investigationthough he did not find much of note. He noticed a giant octopus prop in the back, though one of its limbs was missing.

Nonetheless, Wright learned a lot about Orla from Buckler. A whistle was used to issue commands to Orla. Additionally, Orla was trained to sing a song, albeit only one. Wright and Cykes next headed to the Aqua Tunnel, where they met Fulbright again. The detective informed them that the police had found camera footage apparently showing the moment of the crime. There was a label on the camera that said, "Return to the Pub O' Danger. She seemed to be related to the murder case, but she refused to talk about it.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice

Sign in to your account. I just updated my Graphic Drivers Actually its the lower version which I installed Windows Update must have installed a better version. I think you have to upgrade mesa to the latest version on Linux. If you have Mesa X, it's ok, you can get OpenGL 3.

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ace attorney citra

New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link Quote reply. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Citra requires OpenGL 3. Looks like I am using OpenGL 3. Please wait while I download the latest drives from HP :. Ok, Will try :.

Just updated my Intel Graphics with Installer from Intel Still the same results : I wonder if the OpenGL version changes in linux? Fedora

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