Kundalini tongues

As a Pentecostal myself and with over 55 years of experience pastoring, I have witnessed the true anointing of the Holy Spirit. We must not allow ourselves to cast out the true in our devotion to the genuine. I yearn for revival with everything that is in me. It is evident to me that there is a large company of good men and women who have the same intense desire.

They are represented in many different fellowships of different persuasions. Why then does revival tarry? Has the Holy Spirit been so grieved that He is waiting for His people to repent? We all have witnessed one unbiblical trend after the other for several decades. Hilarious laughter is just the latest!

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I have known the Lord as my Savior for 61 years. I was saved in a solid Pentecostal church and was immediately taught a righteous lifestyle. My initial experience was so solid and real that nothing has made me desire to turn back to the beggarly elements.

During these 61 years, I have witnessed some incredible trends. The first I remember was Rev. Allen and certain phenomenon that accompanied his ministry. Crosses would appear in the foreheads, blood would appear on the body, and oil would flow in the hands of those anointed to pray for others. All of this created great debate and a multitude would go to witness the so-called miracles. Finally, Mr. Allen was caught drunk and later was reported dead from cirrhosis of the liver. I remember that, immediately upon hearing and viewing Mr.

Allen, I knew something was wrong with these proclaimed activities. Some of the saints condemned me for my unbelief. I was still a teenager, but I believed everything had to be weighed by the Word of God and common sense. I still do. No segment of people within the body of Jesus Christ has suffered so many impostors as Pentecostals.

Their free styles of worship and their deep desire to see the Book of Acts manifest has made them susceptible to quick tongues and cheap emotions. Now that Pentecostalism has been accepted by a goodly part of the Christian world, these wild megatrends are playing havoc all over the church.

The New Wave churches are intimately connected with the Catholic Church and this has opened the door for even greater deception in their ranks. The Virgin Mary is now being worshipped and New Wave proponents are talking in tongues at her shrines. The Sovereign Holy Spirit! The person of the Holy Spirit the Spirit of God is absolutely sovereign.

He will manifest Himself only when He can act sovereignly and in full accord of the absolutes of the Holy Scripture. To even imagine that the Holy Spirit would manifest Himself to exalt human emotions and to draw attention to a personality is repulsive.

It is easy to see that something is wrong. If Pentecostals and the New Wave churches have any desire of regaining the reputation they have lost over the last twenty to thirty years, then the place to start is in the Book of Acts.

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This history of the early church is the ironclad picture of the true body of Jesus Christ. The style, teaching and methodology of that great book is the example the Holy Spirit gave to guide our ministry coupled with the Epistles of Paul, Peter, James and John and rooted in the rest of the Holy Bible.

The following statement by D. But, clearly, by definition, the Spirit of God can only be outpoured on and can only honor His own truth.Drawing on reports from readers of the newsletter, El Collie created this comprehensive list of mental and physical effects of Kundalini. This list does not describe symptoms experienced by any single person. I was wholly unprepared for this experience, and never suspected such a thing could happen to me.

Around this time, a series of synchronicities led me to knowledgeable people who helped me to accept that I was genuinely undergoing a benign transformational experience. Prior to this, I spent months in and out of the hospital undergoing extensive medical tests. Brain tumor, lyme disease, ALS, myasthenia gravis and lupus or perhaps another, more rare autoimmune disease were suspected. Initially, without a clue to the real cause of my illness, I was simply terrified.

Contrary to our Western beliefs, the body plays a crucial role in spiritual development. Early cultures were well aware of this vital link. In Sanskrit, the physical symptoms are called tapas — purification. These periods of physical suffering are considered necessary — and ultimately beneficial — signs of spiritual initiation.

The illness results from a profound inner cleansing and reconstruction of the body. This is actually a process of transformational growth, preparing the body to tolerate ever increasing levels of radiant energy. For some people, the ravages of the active Kundalini are primarily physiological. For others, the process is filled with mental and emotional torment. In either case, there tends to be some distress on both the bodily and psychological level. In my own experience, the physical aspects have been most dominant.

The symptoms differ in degree of intensity and duration for each person; some experience only a few of the physical changes, while others, like myself, seem to encounter a full spectrum.

Kechari Mudra – The Tongue Lock

Particularly in the case of a violent, extended Kundalini awakening, physical symptoms are so profuse and varied they can mimic just about any other disease imaginable. The difference between Kundalini symptoms and those of other afflictions including poisoning and environmental illness, which may also be suspected is that the Kundalini phenomena are continuously changing.Bill Schnoebelen, from With One Accord Ministries, may have some helpful, biblical insight into this. Natan your reply to this dear Lady is excellent.

Yah is Sovereign, even over evil spirits. Praying that Yah does a work through His Holy Spirit in their hearts and opens their eyes usually works for me when I am confronted by evil spirits among close family members. At times, fasting is necessary Mark I do not believe our will is sovereign, only Yah is sovereign. It is Yah that gives us the gift of faith. Yah has a plan, and His will always overcomes. Pray that Yah gives you grace and strength to be a better wife we can always improve and to be able to win over your husband if he is still in a depraved, lost, state.

Also, if your husband has been given a circumcised heart, Yah will not allow Him to stay where he is at but will, with chastisement, bring Him back to a place of repentance. Thank you for your excellent remarks. You see, upon closer examination, the Scriptures say that both Pharaoh hardened his own and that Elohim hardened it as well. Pharaoh was given an opportunity to repent and let the Israelites go, but he said no. His defiance against Elohim was an act of his own free will. Once he hardened his heart, then YHVH further hardened it after Pharaoh had already moved in that direction to accomplish his sovereign purposes.

Pharaoh is a biblical symbol for Satan, the god of this age. He rebelled against Elohim as well as an act of his free will. Ever since then, the sovereign Elohim has been using Satan to accomplish his purposes. Yes, YHVH could turn us all into automatons or robots and force us to do his will, but where is the virtue in this?

How are humans to develop godly character? No, this is pure fatalism and turns Elohim into a merciless tyrant. Thank you Natan, as always for sound, biblical counsel.

Very hard place to be, and sadly, many are.

Kechari Mudra – The Tongue Lock

Yah takes us through every step mentioned in all these responses if we are interceding for a loved one. Natan, please let me know if I am misunderstanding the scriptures as it pertains to a believers destiny here. With much fasting and prayer, Yah will show what needs to be done, and give the grace and peace to do it. Where abuse is present, safety a must!

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Very difficult situation, but for the praying loved one, the sharpening, pruning, and dying to oneself; loving with the love of Elohim, when it is a most unlovable and difficult situation; can only purify us the more. Romans assures us He will work all things together for our good, according to His purposes, if we love Him. With that, we give Yah the highest praise!Post a Comment.

When you speak in tongues this is something that you never see Christ or the disciples do. It mostly happens during prayer or during Music and they teach that if you cannot do this then you lack the understanding. The day of Pentecost is First Fruits where we all gathered in one place. This is the scripture they use to try and say that this is speaking in tongues but we will see exactly what it is talking about. So you can see that the tongues are languages because there were Jews from different parts of the world that spoke different languages.

In order for these same Jews to take what they have just learnt to their respective lands, the disciples would have to speak in their language. They were not speaking languages that no one understood. So you can see that these were actual languages in the earth. If you are speaking another language then you need to have an interpreter there, if not then you are dealing with the God of Bacchus.

This is what they will say that they are not speaking to men, they are speaking to the Most High. Paul said you are speaking mysteries if no man can understand you? But if you are going to do so out of the scriptures its for edification, which is understanding as they learn.

It brings comfort because you are receiving the truth from being able to understand but how can this be so if they do not know what your saying? If you do speak in an unknown tongue then you are edifying yourself but those that prophesieth edifieth the church.

Because you are delivering the message. So if you have one person that is doing it, imagine if its 30 or 40 who will know what is being said? That is confusion. Which is greater then the gift of tongues. This is where that is not profitable to the church because that is the main body the Most High is speaking to. How would it profit you if I was speaking Spanish right now in a room full of people that speak English?

How would you know if its a Pipe or Harp if something is coming out but no one understands what distinct sound it is? It is about edification not to sound like someone is more spiritual then another. If the spirit is talking through you and trying to tell the people to prepare?

kundalini tongues

If no one understands how can you prepare for war? The scriptures tell you that you cannot do this in the Church unless someone knows what language it is that you are speaking? If no one knows what it is that you are speaking then it is better that you keep silent in the Church.

Paul brought that out because the Most High is not the author of confusion in the Church. If it is not clear cut and easy to be understood it is confusion. The main people responsible for this was women because that is who it was aimed at. Posted by GOCC. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Kechari Mudra is considered the king among mudras. Kechari Mudra helps the practitioner to move in the blissful infinite consciousness of Brahman.

Kechari is an advanced practice that enables the yogi to reach higher states of consciousness. Kechari mudra is a yoga practice where the tongue is rolled up to touch the soft palate initially and then with due practice it is inserted into the nasal cavity behind the palette. This is an advanced practice and the yogi is said to overcome thirst, hunger, decay and death by this practice.

For most people this needs prolonged effort.

Discernment, tongues, kundalini, and false prophets - Jason Thompson

The tongue should be rolled up to touch the upper palate. Initially it may be able to touch only the hard palate. With practice, it can go further behind to touch the soft palate. Later touches the uvula at the back of the throat. With practice, the tongue can go beyond the uvula and enters the nasal cavity to stimulate certain points inside the cavity. This may take months or years of practice. Eventually the yogi is able to taste the nectar or Amrit which flows from the roof of the nasal cavity.

kundalini tongues

This nectar energizes the body and helps to overcome the need for thirst and food. There are two ways to perform Kechari mudrawith or without cutting the frenum membrane under the tongue.

In the Raja Yoga method, cutting the frenum is not advised. Instead, with certain practices like Talabya kriyathe tongue can be made long enough to enter the nasal cavity. In Hatha Yoga method, the frenum membrane below the tongue is cut bit by bit to extend the tongue. This enables the tongue to easily pass into the nasal cavity. The Hatha Yoga technique is only for advanced yogis and should be done only under the guidance of a yogi who is an expert in Kechari Mudra.

For advanced practitioners, cutting of the frenum membrane is advised. In the Gheranda Samhitait is said that the frenum can be cut, bit by bit. The tongue is also drawn out and made elongated by applying butter or ghee.

This is continued till the tongue is long enough to reach the eye brow center. This requires the guidance from an expert yogi who is accomplished in the art of Kechari Vidya. Do not attempt it by yourself. Kechari can be practiced in conjunction with other yoga practices like Ujjayi pranayamaShambhavi mudra and other meditation techniques.

Skip to content Kechari Mudra is considered the king among mudras.Printable version. Email to a friend. Kundalini spirits in the church? Andrew Strom has re-ignited concerns which have surfaced periodically since the time of the Toronto Blessing in The outspoken New Zealand preacher has written a book entitled 'Kundalini Warning' which suggests that false spirits are invading the church.

The aim is to elevate the Kundalini spirit to the 'Crown Chakra' which is located at the top of the skull. Those who have gone through this process have described it as 'mind-blowing'. I threw the 'best' book I had on the subject into the waste bucket as I didn't want it in my home, and I wouldn't want to quote from it in this article anyway. The practice, which is spiritually dangerous in the extreme, is often linked with Yoga-like exercises associated with eastern meditation and mysticism.

Chanting and essentially self-hypnotic routines can be a 'way in'. I just saw the video of Rick Joyner announcing that Todd Bentley is back ministering every night at Morningstar in North Carolina and now they have so-called "revival" manifestations eerily similar to Lakeland.

They also announced that they are streaming these big meetings every night on their new TV channel - and they are greatly promoting the whole thing. Now I am a tongues-speaking Pentecostal myself - but can I ask a simple question here please? What kind of "spirit" was it operating in the Lakeland revival - when the leader and main focal- point of the meetings Todd Bentley was having an adulterous affair behind the scenes?

Was it truly the "Holy" Spirit that was anointing something so sensual and unholy? And now that Todd divorced his wife and married his mistress - are we supposed to welcome him back and this "anointing" with him?

What is going on here?

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Rick Joyner has been warned very specifically by high- level ministries not to do what he is doing now - bringing Todd Bentley back into the limelight. And yet it seems he does not care. Apparently the "manifestations" are all that matter. So what exactly are these 'manifestations' if they are seemingly at home in such an unholy environment?

Are they from God at all? I am talking here about the violent "jerking", uncontrollable laughter, bodily contortions, drunkenness, 'portals', strange "angel" encounters, etc. Why do we not see such an 'anointing' in the Bible? Why aren't Jesus or the apostles promoting these manifestations if they really are true Revival? Why instead do we see these things all the way through the New Age and Hinduism, etc? Do we not realize that many false religions have their own version of "laying on of hands" that results in these very types of manifestations?

This 'spirit' is not in the Bible - but it is all the way through Kundalini-type Hinduism! Don't you think this should alarm us? If you search for Kundalini and Shakti on the Internet, you will find that multitudes of people in the New Age and Eastern religions still experience these powerful manifestations.

Often this is with the help of a Guru, who touches them on the forehead so that they can experience a "Kundalini Awakening". As researcher Robert Walker wrote in "The meetings which mystic Hindu gurus hold are called 'Darshan'. At these meetings devotees go forward to receive spiritual experience from a touch by the open palm of the hand, often to the forehead, by the guru in what is known as the Shakti Pat or divine touch.

The raising of the spiritual experience is called raising Kundalini. After a period when the devotee has reached a certain spiritual elevation they begin to shake, jerk, or hop or squirm uncontrollably, sometimes breaking into uncontrolled animal noises or laughter as they reach an ecstatic high.

These manifestations are called 'Kriyas'. Devotees sometimes roar like lions and show all kinds of physical signs during this period.I write this post in love and concern for my brothers and sisters who are professing Christians. Please if you are involved in any of these practices, read this with an open mind, and watch the videos posted below.

These are names and terms common to some sectors of Evangelical Christianity today. Jacobs, Bently, Joyner all claim to be prophets who have received direct revelation from God or from angelic beings.

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However the Scripture plainly tells us that the Holy Bible is the full revelation of God and that anyone who adds to or takes away from that Word shall have his name removed from the book of life. Revelation And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light 2Cor. One must always, always, always examine these practices in light of scripture.

Jesus Himself said an evil generation seeketh after a sign. Matthew Those qualifiers alone would strike down as being unscriptural, most of the practice of tongues which goes on in churches today on those points alone, however, beyond that, please consider the following in regards to healing and tongues:.

But by the end of the writing of the Epistles it was fully revealed. Colossians The sign gifts were just that, for a sign to convince the Jewswho required a sign I Corinthiansof this new thing called the church. The Scriptures are the test. When the Bible says test the spiritsit is not telling you to test it with your feelings. There are a couple of ways someone can blaspheme the Holy Spirit.

First, the Holy Spirit is the One who convicts you of your sin and need for salvation. The Holy Spirit cannot lie. This is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. It is a falling away from the truth of the Scriptures.

kundalini tongues

I suggest reading the whole chapter HEREbut especially note verses And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade himand prevail also: go forth, and do so. Hey, passion is a good thing!

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I can look back and cringe at some things that flew out of my mouth or from my fingers unchecked and uncensored, and truly not meant in malice.

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