Tankless water heater error codes

Although Noritz builds its water heaters to the highest standards, from time to time you might get an error code on your unit.

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Some resolutions are simpler than others, but you should always err on the side of caution and contact a licensed contractor.

This indicates ignition failure in your tankless water heater. It means that your unit is not firing up to heat the water, a situation that can be caused by insufficient gas supply, insufficient airflow or debris on the ignition plug. After checking to see if the gas is turned on, call a licensed contractor. He or she will make sure your gas valve is open, the exhaust vent is unobstructed and the ignition plug is firmly attached and free of debris. A code 12 means the unit has a weak flame and that water is not being heated properly.

Similar to a code 11, this is caused by lack of gas or airflow. A sharp spike in outlet water temperature will cause a code This often results from scale buildup, which hampers heat-transfer efficiency and makes the unit try to compensate by burning hotter.

Since this error can be caused by scale buildup or hard water, performing a descaling procedure or using a water softener may resolve it. Contact your licensed contractor to make sure this is the case. This code indicates a problem with condensate drainage. In condensing tankless water heaters, a special drain line equipped with a neutralizer to reduce the acidity of the outflow removes the condensate.

A blockage in the condensate drain line or incorrect condensate drain piping would cause the burner to flood if not for this error code.

Call your licensed contractor, and he or she will check to make sure the condensate drain line is properly routed and unobstructed. Improper circuit board settings will cause a code 73 error.

Changing a jumper connection or dip switch while power is supplied to the heater can trigger the problem, as can an improperly programmed circuit board. Unplug the heater for 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

How To Resolve The Seven Most Common Noritz Tankless Error Codes (Demo)

If the error code persists, call a licensed contractor. This error code involves a breakdown in communication between two tankless water heaters using the Quick Connect Cord. It can occur when more than one remote is hooked up to handle two Quick-Connected units.But occasional error codes can appear on the units. These codes can alert homeowners to problems that go unnoticed until complete unit failure. On the other hand, the meaning and import of individual codes may not be immediately available to them.

To ensure that water heater owners know what to expect when they receive an error code, we asked Desiree LoveladyNoritz service technician lead, to review the five most common error codes. Some codes have relatively simple resolutions; nonetheless, but Noritz strongly recommends that you contact a licensed plumbing and heating contractor to deal with them.

This code indicates a combustion abnormality caused by an improper mixture of air and fuel. It can occur from an insufficient gas supply, blockage in a fuel vent, or debris in the fan motor. When you see this code, contact a contractor right away! This error means that there are improper circuit-board settings for a water heater. This can happen if a jumper connection or a dip switch is changed while power is supplied to the heater.

An improperly programmed circuit board could also create the issue. When this happens, unplug the heater for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact a licensed contractor.

This error code indicates an issue with condensate drainage. Condensing water heaters use a drain line equipped with a neutralizer to remove the condensate. If this line is blocked or proper drain piping is not used, the burner could flood. The typical fix for this error code is to clean out the container and drain line of any debris or blockages.

You should also make sure there are no flat runs or degree elbows in the drain line. This code signals an ignition failure, without which no water will be heated.

Possible causes: an insufficient gas supply, problems with air flow, or debris on the ignition plug. When seeing this error code, first make sure that your gas is on. If it is, check gas pressures and test the spark. Both tasks call for a licensed contractor. This error code can pop up when there is considerable scale buildup in your water heater.

Scale decreases heat-transfer efficiency and will make the heater burn hotter to compensate. Annual maintenance, using a descaling procedure or water softener, can prevent this code. If you need further assistance, once again, contact a licensed contractor. For help with finding a licensed contractor to fix these various error codes, please use the Noritz Find a Service Rep tool. Blog May 21, Error Code 90 This code indicates a combustion abnormality caused by an improper mixture of air and fuel.

Error Code 73 This error means that there are improper circuit-board settings for a water heater. Error Code 29 This error code indicates an issue with condensate drainage.

Error Code 11 This code signals an ignition failure, without which no water will be heated.Having a good digital display or wireless monitoring app can be a great way to identify issues with your Rheem tankless water heater as soon as they appear.

Navien Tankless Water Heater Error Code 003 Fixed!

Below are some of the most common Rheem error codes and what they mean. Need to hire a plumber? Get a free estimate online from top local home service pros in your area. That said, there are some errors you can easily fix yourself and some which should be left to a qualified service technician. How to Fix: Turn off all hot water taps to reset the unit.

You may also need to turn off or replace the circulation system. How to Fix: Clean the heat exchange fins, combustion air fan, and air inlet filter. Check the ventilation system and vent openings for blockages or dirt and clean as needed. Error Code 10 What it Means: A false flame has been detected. How to Fix: Check to ensure all vent and heat exchange components are clean and properly connected. Make sure the flue inlet and exhaust are free of blockage.

Additionally, make sure the proper vent materials were used. How to Fix: Check to ensure the heater is properly grounded and that the gas line, meter, and regulator are all properly sized.

Check the gas solenoid for valves for short circuits and the igniter wiring harness for signs of damage. Bleed any air from the gas lines. How to Fix: Check for proper grounding and that the device is receiving gas of the right type and pressure. Disconnect the remote control, PC board, and all wiring harnesses, then reconnect. Ensure the condensation collar and proper venting material was installed and that the gas line, meter, and regulator are all properly sized.

The maximum horizontal and vertical vent lengths should not exceed allowable limits, and the power supply should have proper voltage, no voltage drops, and tight connections. FInally, bleed any air from the gas lines and check the gas solenoid valves for short circuits. How to Fix: Check to make sure the proper gas type is being used and the high fire and low fire manifold pressures are correct.Tankless water heaters are a great investment for your home or office.

Not only are they highly efficient, but they can also save you money by heating water only on-demand. Whether you use a traditional or a tankless water heater, you need to keep an eye out for mineral buildup inside your water heater. Hard water in contrast with soft water is water with a high mineral content, and the harder your water, the higher the potential for damaging mineral buildup.

Calcium and Magnesium are the two minerals that most often cause scaly buildup, and this can impair the function of your water heater if you don't address is. You can also use a water softener to slow the buildup. Depending on your tankless water heater's capacity, too many simultaneous hot water applications such as multiple showers running can overload your water heater.

Your water heater may struggle to supply the hot water needed or shut down altogether if it becomes overloaded. If this happens, you should reduce the demand for hot water by limiting simultaneous applications, and you may want to consider resetting your unit. However, if your tankless water heater frequently becomes overloaded, you should consider either upgrading to a tankless water heater with a higher capacity or adding a second unit.

If your household frequently takes back-to-back showers, you may be familiar with the "cold water sandwich. You turn on the shower and feel warm water at first, but then get blasted with several seconds of cold water before the temperature slowly climbs back up. When the second shower began, the initial warm water you felt was the trapped water. Although tankless water heaters are also called "instantaneous water heaters," they still take time to heat water, so after the trapped water was used up, you were left with a gap of unheated water.


The further your water has to travel from the water heater to its destination, the more noticeable the gap. Unfortunately, there's no way to prevent this, but now that you're aware of the problem, you can avoid jumping in the shower until the cold water has passed. For most tankless water heaters, the display with present an error code to inform you that your air supply or exhaust is blocked. This means your water heater is having issues with either combustion air or venting. First, inspect all vent pipes to ensure they are connected properly and free from puncture holes.

Refer to your product manual to make sure the clearance requirements are being met, as installing your water heater too close to other objects can block the air supply and create a fire hazard. Birds nest, rodents and wasps nest can also block your venting, so be sure to thoroughly examine all vents that are located or lead outside your home.

There are several reasons your water heater could fail to ignite. Often, this issue is caused by the gas supply, so check to make sure your propane tank is full before you do anything else. If your gas valve or water valves are not fully opened, this could also cause the ignition to fail. Check and open gas and water valves fully.

If these steps do not resolve the ignition problem, then either your ignition pack has failed or there's a bigger problem.Error codes are the indicators of the problems inside the water heater.

When the error code appears on the Bosch heater's LCD display, the reset button sometimes leads to an error removal, but if it doesn't work, the instructions below might help troubleshoot the problem:. The temperature of the flue gases is too high and is above F.

Rheem Tankless Error Code Troubleshooting

It is important to check for any gas leakage close to the gas combustion chamber and heat exchanger. Check if the limiter is operating and wiring is correctly linked to the control board and limiter. The element is located at the top-right corner of the unit. Check the backflow temperature sensor connection; it might be damaged, or it got short-circuited.

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It is located below the heat exchanger and ignition electrodes. Look for the diagnostic menu 1P and nC code. The outlet temperature sensor reacts when the temperature is either below 36 F when the unit is protected from freezing temperatures, or above F in a case of overheating due to the lime-scale deposits.

Check the sensor and wiring. You might have to flush the unit to remove the mineral build-up. Another error code associated with the outlet temperature sensor, but this time, the sensor is not sensing the expected output temperature.

This is not an error code; it is a flashing status message that tells you to check; the wiring connection, gas pressure as it might be too low, voltage as it doesn't meet the required VAC, the unit that might not be properly grounded or the issue with the control board. The primary fan spins slowly when the water heater is working.

Check the wiring connection on the fan and control board. The voltage must be VAC and the element correctly grounded. Does the venting system meet the code and manufacturer requirements? Ensure that the gas pressure is as required because the low pressure leads to fan rotation problems.

No signal from the fan's rotational speed sensor.

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The sensor might be broken.InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website.

Our photo at page top shows a Noritz tankless water heater. Noritz heaters are available in models for either natural gas or propane. Watch out : your water heater model may use different codes or may provide error codes that are not given here.

Therefore you'll want to consult the manual for your specific heater. Problem in gas combustion that causes the power level drop, while the combustion continues even after shutdown.

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Check for foreign materials found on the burner which is burning after gas combustion stops. To reset the error code 10, the power must be disconnected. If there is a recirculation loop use an aquastat to keep 10 degree differential. Press power button to turn unit off, open a hot water faucet, turn unit back on.

tankless water heater error codes

If the error code no longer flashes the problem is solved. Check for proper gas type LP vs Natural gaspressure, free flow through gas piping and valves, clean flame rod, no blockage in vent or vent connector, clean ignition plug. Check for proper gas pressure, free flow, no blockage in vent. Check water quality for hardness or sediment that can clog the heat exchanger. Flush scaled heat exchanger.

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Extremely high water temperature. Watch out : dangerous scalding hazard.

6 Common Tankless Water Heater Problems and How to Solve Them

Check for sediment or scale clogging and clean or de-scale the unit using a cleaner such as vinegar or a de-scaler. Check for clogged condensate drain; check for damp or wet or damaged water level sensor. Check for frozen neutralizer due to condensate clogging.

tankless water heater error codes

Check for blockage of main servo Check operation of main servo Main servo may need to be replaced. Water heater connected to battery backup, solar power, or generator and voltage supply is not stable. Check voltage delivered from circuit board.

Check for proper electrical ground. Check for damaged circuit board. Re-set the unit by disconnecting power.How to troubleshoot AO Smith condensing water heaters from and series using the error codes,and other All condensing water heaters from AO Smith are self-diagnostic, so if there is a problem with the unit, a 3-digit error code i.

This article is for those who have a problem with the heater, received an error code and have the tools, knowledge, and experience to deal with the problem. I always recommend contacting a professionalbut understand that some people will give a try first. This is the reason why this troubleshooting guide exists - to help you solve the problem with water heating and save some money.

tankless water heater error codes

The guide will cover the most common problems found on tankless unitsfollowed by the list of the error codes, cause, and possible solution. Also, do not hesitate to contact the AO Smith technical support for help. I will assume that your tankless water heater was working correctly before the problem occurred. Whatever the problem is, make sure to check the following:.

Before explaining the error codes, problems, and solutions let's first see how condensing, and tankless water heater works. Also, if for any reason, water flow drops below 0. The LED will turn off while the fan continues to spin for another minute or two. Troubleshooting AO Smith condensing water heaters is similar to troubleshooting other brands and models.

Some of the problems are common, and they do not include an error code:. These and other common issues, including the cause and repair guide can be found in the article about tankless problems. Incorrect dipswitch setting - usually related to a gas type. Locate the switch on the computer board and check that it is in the correct position. Improper gas combustion - check if there is an obstruction in the air flow; on the heat exchanger, venting system, fan, and burner and clean it.

Abnormal gas combustion might also be a result of extreme weather conditions such as high winds or incorrect gas pressure. Ignition failure - Check that the hi-limit switch hasn't tripped; gas supply is correct; the flame sensor is clean; ignitor generates sparks and venting system isn't blocked.

Also confirm that PC board, overheat cutoff fuse and gas valve are still operating. The gas line might need to be purged due to the presence of air.

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Output thermistor failure located on the heat exchanger - check the wire connections not loose, no burns, cuts Inlet thermistor located inside the water inlet - check the wire, clean the thermistor or replace if broken. Mixing thermistor located in water outlet failure - the same procedure as for the inlet and output thermistors.

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